Invention Disclosure

A walkthrough tool for preparing an invention disclosure

Use this tool for defining your invention, disclosing and describing its relevant features, shedding light on the innovative aspects of it. This question and answer format will assist you in defining the technical benefits and inventiveness of your invention.

This interactive tool will generate a document which will be added to your technical description and will assure that the patent drafter is focused on the features that bring value to your initiative.
You will be able to download the full document at the end of the procedure, as well as receive in an email a copy of the disclosure that you made with our Wizard. We will not store a copy of your disclosure and will not have any access to it.

We urge you to use the disclosure tool as part of the process of defining the inventiveness of your venture, if possible with a Patent Attorney, for drafting a Patent application. We would be pleased to assist you in this process.

*Your information will be processed in accordance with our Privacy Notice

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